How To (Really) Save Money In Your Dental Office

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Some people may complain about the cost of a trip to the dentist’s office, but what they don’t understand is the enormous cost of actually running that dental office. Every tool and piece of equipment has to be maintained, and new up-to-date purchases are necessary to stay on top of changing technology and practices. And we haven’t even gotten to payroll or other monthly expenses. Everyone thinks that their crown is paying for their dentist’s new sports car, while in reality, whatever’s left over after expenses is probably going towards a student loan payment. So what are some real, tangible ways that you can actually save money in your dental practice?

1. Hire Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

This may seem counterintuitive because you’re trying to save money, not spend more, but hiring a financial advisor can actually help you in the long run. There’s no shame in admitting that you might not be an expert on managing money, and getting someone to sit down with you and go over your finances can end up saving you money you didn’t even know you were losing out on.

2. Find The Right Software

Using the right accounting software can make it easy to assess your finances and track expenses and revenue. There are general accounting programs you can use, but there are also options built specifically for dentists.

3. Use An App For Patient Interaction

Web-based patient portals allow patients to interact with your office online can save you time and cut costs associated with printing, copying, and postage. They also save time and increase your office’s efficiency by allowing patients to send communication and view statements online. And your patients will appreciate having the online option, as well.

4. Find The Marketing That Works For You

Marketing your dental practice is essential for gaining new patients, but you should also be tracking the results of your marketing efforts. If certain advertisements or mediums are not producing new patients, then it might be time to drop them and look for something new.

At Molar Media Mount, we’re always on the lookout for ways to save your practice money. That’s why we built the Molar Media Mount in the first place--as a low-cost replacement for expensive mounted televisions. Instead of spending money to put flatscreens on your walls, we envisioned an easy-to-install device that could give you more options and more flexibility than a television. The Mount attaches to your dental light, and only requires a tablet and a streaming service to get started. All you do is snap on your tablet and ask what your patient wants to watch.

So avoid the hassle and cost of a mounted television, and get your practice a Molar Media Mount today. Contact us if you have any questions, and get ready to save money and keep your patients happy at the same time.

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