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How do I setup the HoverShield?

Check under the instructions tab above.  You will first need to install your Molar Media Mount, then add the HoverShield attachment.

How do patients watch movies/shows?

You can connect to your wireless network and stream movies off of Netflix or Amazon streaming. (both about $8/month).  You can also download movies to store permanently on your device.

Why would I want this in my office?

Have you ever had a patient open wide, sit still, and enjoy their dental appointment?  Well, buy a Molar Media Mount and you will have a lot more of them!  Your patients will literally thank you for providing such a great way to distract them during their dental procedures.

Can I use a full sized iPad?

Why yes you can.  Any 9" tablet will work just fine (think iPad Air, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, etc).  What won't work?  Those humongous 12" iPads -- those things are just too dang heavy.

Can I easily remove the device from the arm?  Does the connection lock?

Yes.  There is a ball and socket with a locking screw.  A few turns of the locking screw and the iPad still swivels, but the joint cannot be separated.  A few turns the other direction and you can pop apart the ball and socket joint and easily remove the device to use for patient education or to have them choose a movie or to charge the tablet at night.

I bought the mounts, now what do I need?

1)  A tablet of some sort (People use iPad Airs, iPad Minis, Kindle Fire HD's, 7" Android Tablets...These are between 9.5-16 ounces).

2)  Headphones (I prefer cordless, bluetooth over the ear headphones).  Check out the ones on our website -- they work great.

3)  Anti-Glare Screen Protector (takes away the reflection on the iPad).

4)  A case for your device (this is optional).  You can adhere the mounting plate directly to the back of your device.  Some prefer to adhere it to a case instead -- it just has to be a hard plastic case, not the silicone/rubbery types.

We offer Accessory Packs ($75) on the website for that contain the following:

1) Bluetooth Headphones

2) Anti-Glare Screen Protector

3) Hard Plastic Case

Will it fit on my light?

The Molar Media Mount was designed to fit almost every light on the market.  Included in the box are extra parts that will allow you to customize the mount to your individual light setup.

What is a good patient education app?

We prefer DDSGP (available in the app store or at www.DDSGP.com) or CAESY Cloud!

My light drifts down when I attach the Molar Media Mount to it, what do I do?

You will have to tighten the spring in your dental light (either do it yourself or have your maintenance person do so).  Don't worry, after you do it once, you will never have to adjust it again.

How heavy is the Molar Media Mount?

It weighs in at a measly 6.5 ounces.  That is where the magic is...Light enough to work with a spring loaded dental light, yet strong enough to support a tablet.  These are specifically designed for the dental environment.

What is the product warranty and return policy?

We warranty the Molar Media Mount and HoverShield for one-year against manufacturer defect. We offer a 30-Day trial period, during which time you can return the product for a full refund (minus shipping).