How to Calm Even Your Most Difficult Child Patients

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Kids and the dentist. 

“I’ll take ‘things that don’t mix well’ for $500, Alex.”

I kid, but the truth is that children often have a tough time at the dentist. It’s a strange environment with lots of sharp implements lying about—it actually makes a lot of sense they’re leery of hanging out there.

Some kids are worse than others, but there’s almost always a way to get them to cooperate for the minimum amount of time you need. You just have to get a little creative. 

Float a reward.

Kids don’t just hate the dentist because it involves sitting still while someone sticks metal in their mouth, they also dislike the fact that there’s nothing in it for them. I mean, they sit tight for half an hour, endure fluoride treatment that never tastes good (no matter the flavor), and at the end of it they get… a sticker? A new toothbrush and a miniature tube of toothpaste? No wonder so many of them put up a protest. 

So how about upping the ante? Maybe one of those toy gumball machines that spits out superballs and sticky hands? 

Is it an investment? Sure. An investment in your sanity. 

Speak to their pride.

Rewards are great, but sometimes you need to try a different tactic.

Every kid has someone they look up to and want to be like. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big sister, an older friend in the neighborhood, or even good ol’ Dad. 

And for some kids, all it takes to get them to be brave at the dentist is knowing their personal hero was also brave. If they really want to be treated like their big sis, then they need to act like her. If you can get that person they look up to to come along and act as a cheerleader, even better. 

Distract them with screens.

Screens are the ultimate distraction tool for children. They hear the opening jingle of their favorite cartoon and they’re like moths to a flame. In large doses, screentime is probably not the healthiest thing for young kids, but you only need to keep them busy for half an hour or so. 

So what are your options? Stick a massive TV on the wall? The trouble there is that the kids are going to get grouchy the moment you ask them to turn their head or otherwise obstruct their view.

There is a way, however, for you to spend less money, give the kiddos a better viewing experience, and keep everyone happy and distracted. 

Well, not you. You should be paying attention. 

Regardless, the name of this wonderful invention is the Molar Media Mount, and it’s been tried, tested, and found true by dentists around the country. The Molar Media Mount is a simple yet effective attachment to your existing dental light. It holds a tablet the size of an iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD, which—thanks to its arm joints and ball and socket attachment—can be easily repositioned at nearly any angle. 

So no matter how difficult your 11 o’clock patient is today, you can rest easy knowing they’ll be too distracted to even think about biting your fingers. Again.

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