How To Save Money In Your Dental Office

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Sometimes it can feel like you’re shelling out money for unnecessary expense after unnecessary expense in your dental office. I mean, do you even know how much floss you’re going through? How do you know your hygienists aren’t taking a little off the top so they don’t have to buy floss for home? You don’t. That’s why you have to pat down all of your employees’ pockets before they leave the office every day. Haha, I’m just kidding, of course. Legally, you have to have them empty their pockets themselves. This will also save you money on lawsuits.

But what else can you do to save money around your dental office? There have to be other wasteful practices that you’ve just grown numb to. Time to pull that tooth and cut yourself free of the dollar draining practices you’re used to. Here are just a few great ideas for slashing expenses and getting the absolute most out of your dental office.

Eliminate The Waiting Room

That’s wasted space. How many dental chairs could you fit in there? At least one, right? Instead, ask your patients to simply form an orderly queue outside your door. They’ll be unhappy at first, but you’d be surprised how quickly they’ll get over it.

Smaller Gift Bags

Each patient leaves with a toothbrush, toothpaste, some floss, and a bottle of mouthwash. But why? If one of your patients already has clean teeth, they probably don’t need a new toothbrush. Especially an old fashioned one they have to work themselves. I’ve already gone electric, and I’m never going back.

Get With The Times

Technology is constantly moving forward. Nine-month-old magazines in the waiting room just don’t do it for patients anymore, but how can you keep up with the Joneses without paying an outrageous sum of money? I’ll tell you how—with the Molar Media Mount. Instead of paying to have someone come install a TV on your wall (In every room? Don’t be ridiculous), you can purchase the Molar Media Mount and easily install it yourself.

The MMM attaches directly to your dental light, and its flexible arm lets you move the screen to whatever angle your patient requires. And the best part is that you simply use your iPad Mini or any other tablet 16 oz. or under. No expensive flat screen or installation required. Finally, your patients have a way to watch their favorite movie or TV show during a procedure, and you have a way to keep them distracted during said procedure. It’s a win-win.

And with all that money, you can afford to splurge on some extras for your dental office. Upgrade those goodie bags to full-size bottles of toothpaste, or maybe even bring back the waiting room if you’re feeling generous.

So contact us today if you’d like to hear more about the Molar Media Mount, and how it can save you and your office a boatload of money.

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