Movies To Show on Your MMM - For Short Procedures

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Not every trip to the dentist is hours of torture. Sometimes it’s only minutes. Ha, we like to joke around. Okay, but seriously, what do you show your patients on your Molar Media Mount when the procedure or cleaning is going to take less than an hour? You can’t show them The Godfather or a similar 3-hour epic. They’ll get emotionally invested in the story and refuse to leave. Totally mess up your scheduling. So you need something short, but engrossing. Something that will keep your patient’s attention away from you, and their eyes fixed on the screen. So we came up with our list of the best movies to show during short procedures.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Toy Story is one of the greatest kids’ movies of all time, and the series has waited so long to put out new movies that kids who watched the original are now adults. So this movie doesn’t even have to be for children undergoing a procedure. You can hit play and nearly everyone will be thoroughly distracted. The basic plot is that the regulars (Buzz, Woody, and the gang) find themselves up against some aggressive dino toys. Hence the “Time Forgot” part of the title. Coming in at 22 minutes, this one is perfect for a quick cleaning.

Zombieland (The 2013 TV short, not the 2009 movie)

Zombies are hot right now. No denying it. But you probably don’t have time to show a full-length feature film on zombies, so try this 28 minute short film. Probably not very kid friendly, but anyone who likes zombies is going to be surprised and happy you have this one ready to go. The plot is every zombie movie ever—there are zombies for some reason and people are trying to survive, with limited success.

Severus Snape and the Marauders

So this isn’t technically a part of Harry Potter “canon,” but it is a cool take on the final meeting between James Potter, the rest of the Marauders, and Severus Snape. There is literally no way that at least one of your patients isn’t a huge Harry Potter fan, and quite a few will at least be somewhat interested in seeing 23 more minutes of Harry Potter stuff.

The Gruffalo

This one is perfect for some of your smaller patients. A tiny mouse goes for a walk in the woods and has to outwit a number of predators. He does so by telling them that his friend, the Gruffalo, is coming. The mouse doesn’t think the Gruffalo actually exists, but he totally does. And he isn’t the mouse’s friend. This one stacks up at 27 minutes, so your patients will be able to see the thrilling conclusion of Mouse v Gruffalo.

Once you install a Molar Media Mount, you don’t have to worry about anything other than what you’re going to show your patients that day. And if they’re anything like us, they’ll spend the entire procedure trying to decide what to watch because they can’t commit to anything on Netflix. Contact us today if you’d like to hear more about the Molar Media Mount.

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