Why Your Orthodontist Needs The Molar Media Mount

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Many people, we’ll call them the lucky ones, have never had to take a trip to the orthodontist. They’re doing perfectly fine with their regularly scheduled dental appointments. But many other people have had to go to the orthodontist, and that’s not always a whole bunch of fun. That’s because the orthodontist specializes in fixing dental irregularities like crooked teeth, and over- or under-bites. So if you’re going to the orthodontist, you know that somewhere along the line, genetically speaking, you messed up. It’s no one’s fault, but you’re definitely going to have to pay for it, both literally and figuratively.

So what can your orthodontist do about it? Their job is to fix whatever’s wrong with your grill, and unfortunately, that’s probably not going to be a pleasant experience. If you need braces, you need braces. That’s a hard pill to swallow, and probably even harder now that you’ve got those rubber bands in the back of your mouth. Still, there are some things your orthodontist could do to make the experience a little more pleasant.

Number one has to be distraction. Do they really expect you to stare up at a “find the five differences” poster on the ceiling while they twist bits of metal onto your teeth? That’s ridiculous. However, if your orthodontist is awesome, they might have a TV installed on their wall. Sounds great, but what if they need to position your head at just a liiiittle different angle? No way you’re going to catch the end of Inception now.

Luckily, we have you covered. The Molar Media Mount is an easy to install arm that attaches directly onto your orthodontist’s dental light. That way, the Mount can pivot and move so that it faces your… face, no matter which way the orthodontist is positioning your head. And the best part about the Molar Media Mount is that your orthodontist only needs an iPad Mini or similar sized tablet. It’s actually much less expensive than mounting a flatscreen on their wall. And once they’ve popped the tablet into the Mount, well, you’ve heard of Netflix, right? All you have to do is choose a movie or show from one of the many, many streaming services that are now available.

This way, your orthodontist doesn’t have to purchase an expensive TV and DVD library that, let’s be honest, he’s probably not going to be great about updating. With the Molar Media Mount, movies and television are at your fingertips. And right in front of your face.

So let your orthodontist know about the wonders of the Molar Media Mount. Seriously, you deserve a little distraction while you’re getting bits of metal and rubber stuck to your teeth. And if that distraction happens to be your favorite movie, well, even better.

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