Patient Entertainment Made Easy

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Introducing The Molar Media Mount!

Gone are the days of professionally mounted TVs on expensive arms.  Here now is the Molar Media Mount, the first and only arm that mounts directly to your existing dental light.  It distracts your patients by placing a tablet computer directly in their line of sight, regardless of the procedure being performed.  It is simple... Install the mount, connect a tablet, and amaze your patients! 

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Your patients are entertained and forget you’re even there.

The durable arm that provides hands free entertainment.

Be A Dentist Not a Babysitter

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Quality Components & Durable Craftmanship!

The Molar Media Mount is made of lightweight, high-strength materials, and is specifically constructed to work with devices 16 oz. or less in weight. Its ball-and-socket assembly, designed by Dr. Culberson, allows for easy attachment and removal of the device for patient education and choosing the media of your choice.