What Is Molar Media Mount?

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Have you ever tried to mount a TV at home? The last time I bought a new TV, I decided to mount it myself because I am a competent, intelligent person with a lot to offer—is what I was telling myself three hours later while curled up on my living room floor, gently rocking back and forth next to my stubbornly un-mounted flatscreen. The point is, mounting a TV on a wall at home is not as easy as you might imagine, and mounting one in your dental office will cause the type of stress that leads to your neighbors getting interviewed on the local news.

“He was always so nice. I can’t believe he’d burn down his own practice.”

Or, of course, you could get it professionally mounted for the low, low price of your soul. Just kidding. It’s much more expensive than that. So where do you turn? Your patients want entertainment, and honestly, that’s not too much to ask for while you’re poking around in their mouth with sharp, metal implements.

Luckily, Molar Media Mount is here, and it’s the answer to at least one of your prayers. The MMM is the first and only arm that mounts directly onto your dental light. And get this, you just clip in a tablet and stream movies or TV shows through that. Your patients now have a screen directly in their line of sight, so that they can lose themselves in the endless bliss of television while you stick your fingers in their mouth. The beauty of the Triple M is its simplicity—lower cost, easier setup, and it’s actually visible to your patient during a procedure.

Pro tip—you may want to install an anti-glare screen protector on your tablet, so that the glare from your dental light doesn’t turn the tablet into a mirror for the patient. Trust me, they’re already taking “dentist office :(” selfies. They don’t need another mirror in their lives.

The Mount is made of durable, lightweight, and high-strength materials, and its ball and socket construction allows for easy attachment and removal. The Mount supports tablets that are 16 oz. or less, mostly because dental light springs aren’t built to hold your new 2 foot diagonal iPad Pro.

Don’t worry though, because your patients won’t dare complain. They’ve probably seen the consistently evil portrayal of dentists in TV and film, and all you have to do is give them a quick, unbalanced smile while holding a shiny metal instrument. They will fall in line immediately.

In all seriousness, the Molar Media Mount is the most cost-effective, practical way for you to keep your patients distracted and entertained during procedures. It may be hard to believe, but most people aren’t overly fond of going to the dentist. With the Molar Media Mount, you can make their trip slightly less unpleasant. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?

If you’d like to hear more about the Molar Media Mount, contact us today!

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