3 New Technologies Your Dental Office Needs

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No one likes to change their ways. It’s hard, and it usually comes with someone smugly telling you that the world has passed you by. Although that might just be the tech support guy we have to call every week. But change can be beneficial. Thousands of years ago, people cared for their teeth in horrifying ways, and I hope we can all agree that this has changed a bit. So don’t fear new technology in the dental office. Embrace it.

Using Lasers To Detect Cavities

If you’re like us, you jump at the chance to use lasers for anything. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t practical, shooting a laser at your burrito to reheat it is obviously the best way to go. Luckily, using lasers to detect tooth decay actually is practical, and it’s pretty simple, as well. You can detect decay earlier, and you can make “pew pew” laser noises while you do it. It’s a win-win.

Mobile Technology

Everyone’s going mobile these days. If you don’t have a mobile app for your team, then you’re basically the dental equivalent of Flintstones. With a mobile app, you can view edit and delete patient appointments, and keep everyone instantly updated on what’s going on—all via your smartphone.

Smart Floss

You didn’t think it was possible to make floss any better, did you? They’ve already got a bunch of different flavors, so what else can you really do? Well, if you’re tired of wasting floss, then check out the EasyThread floss from GUM. It accurately measures the amount of floss needed, and it has a rewind dial in case the hygienist gets carried away and pulls out too much. Have you ever just sat on the floor and pulled it all out to see how much was in there? It’s a lot.

The Molar Media Mount

Yeah, we saved the best for last. The other stuff was pretty cool, but this blows them out of the water. The Molar Media Mount attaches onto your dental light, and from there you just have to clip in a tablet and grab some headphones. After that you can stream movies and TV shows from your favorite provider, and your patients can watch Rocky III while having a procedure. This truly is a monumental breakthrough in tablet-mounting technology, and you can bet your patients will love it just as much as you do.

With the Molar Media Mount, you have an unprecedented opportunity to distract your patients, with little cost to yourself. Mounting a TV isn’t practical, and neither is paying your 10 year-old son to hold a tablet in front of your patients for hours at a time. His arm strength just isn’t there yet. Maybe in a couple years. For now, though, the Molar Media Mount is the way to go if you want an easy and inexpensive way to stream movies and TV shows for your patients. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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