Dentists Vs. Orthodontists

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There have been some fierce rivalries throughout the ages, and splits happen in families, towns, and countries. Hatfields and McCoys. Republicans and Democrats. The Eastern and Western Roman empires. They all pale in comparison to the split between dentists and orthodontists. If you’re a dentist, you don’t want to wander into a bar on the orthodontist side of town without a few of your friends with you. And if you’re an orthodontist, you’d better hope your car doesn’t break down in the wrong area. Maybe take the long way home next time. It’s ugly. It’s war. And we’re here to (possibly) settle it once and for all.

Biggest Strike Against


Nothing is more dreaded by parents and children alike than hearing that a child needs braces. Parents can forget about that vacation to Cabo, and the kids understand that no matter what they do, they’re basically dropping several rungs down the social ladder at school. Middle school is brutal. With any luck, they’ll have them off by high school, but even that isn’t guaranteed.

Dentist—Your semi-annual checkup.

Orthodontists may be terrible for children, but with any luck you won’t have to see them ever again once you turn 15. Not so for your regular dentist. Every six months, expect that little reminder in the mail. And no one cares that they come out of the dentist’s office feeling like a Doublemint twin, all they care about is the weirdly personal experience of having a stranger stick their fingers in your mouth and occasionally poke your gums with a piece of metal.

Biggest Strength

Orthodontists—An amazing smile.

Yeah, braces and the other procedures that orthodontists use are rough for kids and adults alike, but have you seen the results? I mean, it does actually work. Kids with braces are always tight lipped and hiding in pictures, but then they get them off and it’s a whole new ballgame. They practically run the school with those amazing, straight-as-can-be teeth.

Dentists—Short and Sweet.

Sometimes you may be in for a treat like a root canal or some other procedure, but most of the time the hygienist cleans your teeth, the dentist comes in and pokes around real quick, and then you’re out the door and smiling extra big because you know your teeth won’t look this white until your next cleaning. Unless you have some terrible anxiety because your older brother pulled out one of your baby teeth using the “door handle” method, going to the dentist really isn’t that bad. We swear.

Wild Card

Orthodontist—Dental Gear.

Is it going to be braces, or just a retainer? Are you going to have rubber bands? Because that’s even worse. You could end up with just a little, or lot of gear when you hit the orthodontist’s.

Dentist—The Goodie Bag.

Big or small? Packed or suspiciously light? The goodie bag is a part of the dental experience and can’t be overlooked.

So who wins out? There really are just too many variables. One thing you should be looking for, is who has the more comfortable office for patients. Say, someone with a Molar Media Mount. That would probably tip the scales one way or the other…


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