How To Help Patients Stop Putting Off Dental Care

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If you’ve been practicing for any time at all, you’re almost certainly familiar with the patients who disappear for months, if not years, and then show up sheepishly asking for a cleaning or some other dental work. 

And honestly, it makes sense. Going to the dentist is one of those things that everyone knows they should do, but it’s pretty easy to skip a cleaning or two when you get busy. People tend to assume their brushing and flossing is getting the job done. No harm, no foul. 

Of course, we know differently. Regular cleanings can remove stains, help prevent gum disease, and even detect oral cancer and other health issues early. 

The problem is that surveys have shown that many people put off dental care in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not surprisingly, few people wanted to go somewhere and hold their mouth open for an extended period of time in the presence of other people while a pandemic was raging. 

But it’s time to get those patients back in the fold. Here’s how you can do it!


1. Point out the stats.

Early in the pandemic, many dental offices closed entirely for anything short of an emergency. It just wasn’t clear how they might contribute to the spread of the virus, and closing or reducing hours made sense. But since then, it’s become clearer that you’re actually not very likely to get COVID-19 in a dentist’s office. Far from it, actually. Back in October, the ADA reported that less than 1% of dentists had gotten the virus. 


2. Flex those vaccine numbers.

If you and your staff are vaccinated, let your patients know! Dentists and dental hygienists are classified as essential healthcare workers and should have had early access to the vaccine. It doesn’t hurt to remind your patients that while you and your staff are taking all kinds of precautions in the office, you’ve also (likely) been vaccinated for quite some time. Sharing that information can ease the minds of patients who have been on the fence about getting back into the dentist’s chair. 


3. Show off your safety protocols.

One of the reasons the ADA noted for the low rate of covid infections among dentists last fall was the rigorous safety protocols in place at dental practices. Masks, gloves, protective eyewear, and sterilization routines have all contributed to a low risk for infection at the dentist office. A lot of practices have taken tremendous steps to help keep their patients safe—and you should communicate that clearly to your patients.


4. Snag some HoverShields. 

Safety protocols are one thing, but some people need something solid to convince them to get back in the dentist's office. Something solid and clear. And acrylic. Yep, we’re talking about the HoverShield. It attaches directly onto the end of a Molar Media Mount and provides a safe, durable, and see-through barrier between you and your patient’s mouth. You’ll enjoy the splatter guard; they’ll feel safer knowing there’s an added layer of protection between the two of you.

Don’t have a Molar Media Mount? Pick one up today and bundle it with a HoverShield!

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