Movies Featuring Actors With Braces

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Braces are tough for kids, no doubt about it. Parents may be muttering, “They’re tougher on my wallet,” but that’s a different story... No one wants to be the first kid in class with braces, although that does mean you may be the first to get them off. Having your natural smile encased in metal and rubber bands for a couple years doesn’t do anything great for a kid’s self-esteem. Luckily, it’s not permanent, and they get a beautiful smile out of the deal. So maybe they are being a little whiny. Still, it’s nice when they get to see actors and role models who are rocking braces. Makes them feel better, you know? So here are a few movies that you can show on your Molar Media Mount to help kids getting braces feel a little better about themselves.

Super 8

J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg team up for this thriller about a group of friends in a small Ohio town who witness a train accident. Things start getting strange after the accident, and they suspect it may not have been so accidental. Also, one of the young boys who witnesses the accident is totally wearing braces. See, a main character can wear braces. They’re not so bad.

A Christmas Story

Okay, so the character in a Christmas Story with braces is the bully Scut Farkus. Bear with us here. Yes, Scut does eventually get pummeled by Ralphie, but before that he’s the terror of the neighborhood. Everyone’s scared of Scut Farkus. That’s power, kids. True power. And he did it wearing braces. We’re not saying you should become a bully to make yourself feel better about your braces, but just know that it is an option.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In a flashback to young Willy Wonka’s sad childhood, we see him in a massive headgear contraption and outfitted with braces. This is probably how most children view their braces when they look in the mirror. Fortunately, Willy got out of that headgear and started a successful chocolate factory. So there is life after braces.

The Goonies

Yeah, Mikey from the Goonies was rocking braces. Not only is this movie a classic, but Mikey is the leader of the gang. A kid with braces. Leading other children. It can be done, guys. Show this one to your patients as they get braces and let them know that their braces won’t hold them back as long they believe in themselves. Or something like that.

Braces aren’t a social death sentence, but they may feel like it to some middle-schoolers. If you have a Molar Media Mount, you can show them one of these movies and reassure them that things really do get better. All you have to do is snap in your iPad Mini or tablet and you’re ready to start streaming one of these great movies. So contact us today if you’d like to hear more about how the Molar Media Mount can help your dental office.


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