Top 10 Dentist Pet Peeves

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Dentists are people, too. This should seem obvious, but all too often people take a poor approach when going to the dentist’s office. Rather than try to make the experience better for everyone, they think that the least they can do to is to be uncooperative. Then there are people who simply lack any sort of situational awareness, and they don’t mean to do annoying things in the dental chair, they just can’t help it. Does that make it better? A little, maybe. So even if you think you’re a perfect angel at the dentist, take a look at these dentist pet peeves. You might see something awfully familiar.

    1. Being Late

      “But the dentist never gets me in at the exact time we scheduled my appointment! Why should I show up on time?” First, that’s because the world isn’t perfect. Sorry we had to be the ones to break it to you. Second, the dentist was probably late getting you in because another, earlier patient was late. Yes, please don’t add to the chain of lateness, it’s long enough as it is.

        2. Not Showing Up

          Glad we just have this open time slot that is impossible to fill, but still costs us money keeping all the lights on and running the A/C.

            3. Not Brushing Your Teeth

              Seriously, it’ll be so much easier for you to get in and out if there isn’t a full day’s worth of gunk on your teeth. Plus, you won’t have to come back so often if you actually take care of your teeth on your own. It’s a win-win.

                4. “I Hate The Dentist”

                  Seems like an odd thing to say to the person taking care of your teeth. You know, those things you need in order to eat. We get it, people don’t like going to the dentist.

                    5. Lying To Us

                      Um, we spent years in school to get this job, and our dental hygienists happen to know a thing or two, as well. We’re going to notice if you haven’t been brushing, flossing, etc. This isn’t a courtroom; we can’t throw you in jail for lying to us. So you know, just come clean (Ha).

                        6. Not Opening Wide

                          We know you can do it. You know you can do it. Let’s cut the malarkey and everyone will be done faster.

                            7. Flinching

                              Sometimes your gums get poked. We know when it happens and we feel really bad about it. But we also know when it doesn’t happen. Flinching every time the instrument comes near your mouth only ensures that we probably will accidentally jab you, ensuring a never-ending cycle of poked gums.

                                8. X-Ray Fears

                                  Go spend the day outside. Done? Okay, you just got more radiation than you do getting your dental x-rays. You’re fine.

                                    9. Not Paying Bills

                                      For some reason, everyone thinks we drive Range Rovers and hit the club on the weekends. Actually, we have a mortgage, student loans, and the same bills that you probably do. Not paying is insulting and hits us just as hard as it would if your employer withheld random amounts of money from your paycheck every month.

                                        10. Not A “Real Doctor”

                                          DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. Our years of school and training and that diploma on the wall say otherwise.

                                          The dentist’s office can be an uncomfortable place for people, but it doesn’t have to be—for the patients or the dentist. At Molar Media Mount, we’re always looking to make the experience better for everyone, so contact us today to find out how your dental office can benefit from a Molar Media Mount!

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