What Your Dental Office Says About You To Patients

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When you walk into someone’s home, you can tell a lot about that person through some simple observations. Is it big? Does it look like it’s been cleaned this year? Do they have pets? The same can be said about your dental office. No, you (hopefully) don’t have pets, but each office has a little personality all its own. It’s like when you see a dog that looks like its owner. Anyway, when someone walks into your dental office, you want to be giving off the right impression, so take a look at what your dental office says about you—and decide if you want to change anything up.

Waiting Area

  • Is it spacious? Are the chairs comfortable, but not in that “ten thousand people have sat here” way? Then you’ve got a headstart on most waiting areas. Complimentary mini water bottles? Not very eco-friendly, but you can bet your next student loan payment I’ll be taking one. A beautiful waiting room says you care about your patients’ experience while they’re in your office. Not just the procedure, but everything that comes along with it.
  • On the flip side, if you have matching chairs with no ergonomic benefit, reading material from 2009 (The Steelers Win The Super Bowl!), and carpet that looks like you picked it up out of a condemned house, then I’m already nervous and I haven’t even made it past the front door. This says that I really need to take another look at my insurance policy and find out why I’m coming here in the first place.

Patient Chairs

  • If the reclining dental chair I’m about to sit on is anything less than immaculate, that says... a lot of scary things. If there is even the slightest tear in that chair, so that a little stuffing is poking out, then I might start getting nervous, as well. I’m not sitting down on anything with duct tape or stitches, either. If the chair is damaged, you gotta get it reupholstered, there’s just no way around it.


  • Posters are not getting you anywhere in my book. I can find the five hidden toothbrushes in the first three seconds, so congratulations; I’m officially out of things to look at. Any type of framed picture is a step up. Looks classy, and I appreciate the effort. Diplomas are always reassuring, but you better believe I’m going to be eyeballing it for spelling mistakes. I’ve seen TV shows.
  • And speaking of TV shows, what about some type of screen for me to watch movies on? That says you’re balling out, and I assume you’re an amazing dentist who clearly does great work. I mean, you could pick yourself up a Molar Media Mount for way less than it takes to install a TV, and suddenly you look like the dentist that celebrities send their children to. I assume there is such a dentist.

Anyway, contact us today if you’d like to learn a little more about the Molar Media Mount and inexpensive options for keeping patients distracted.

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