Movies To Show During Denture Procedures

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Getting dentures is one of those milestones that people really don’t like to think about. It makes you feel old. After all, you’ve just worn out the teeth that were supposed to last you your entire life, right? Still, being able to take your teeth out at any time is pretty awesome, and you’ve definitely got a new joke to play on your grandchildren next time they come over. So it’s not all bad. But patients need something to take their mind off it when getting fitted for dentures.

If your dental office has a Molar Media Mount, then you can show those denture patients a movie while you work. And the mount moves wherever they can see it best, so they don’t end up with a stiff neck to go along with their new dentures. So check out some of these movies that you can show while you work on that new smile.

Mrs. Doubtfire
This is more of a kid’s movie, but it’s got a great scene where Robin Williams spits out his fake teeth into a glass of water. That’s definitely one your patient can use on the grandkids, or anyone who’s giving them a hard time at the dinner table. Also, it has Robin Williams, so you know it’ll be funny.

Austin Powers
Mike Meyers plays the spoofy British spy Austin Powers in this series, and because he’s British he rocks terrible looking fake teeth throughout the movies. Any of these are good to watch because it gives your patients a little idea of just how much worse things could really be. Those dentures don’t look so bad now, do they?

Again, this one will show you just how good your patients actually have it. Also, it’s a Bond movie, so it’s pretty cool. The main villain in Skyfall is played by Javier Bardem, and he has a beef with Bond’s boss, M. Turns out she left him for dead, and the poison pill he took didn’t quite kill him. Instead it messed up his face pretty bad, and now he has to wear a huge piece of dental work. Seriously, the scene where he pulls it out will give your patient some perspective on their own dentures.

Literally Any Vampire Movie Ever
Take your pick. Anything from Nosferatu to Twilight, and you’re going to find some fake teeth in there somewhere. It has something to do with the fact that no one actually has pointy fake teeth. Still, seeing how cool their teeth look should give your patients some confidence in how far the dental profession has come.

So contact us today about getting a Molar Media Mount. That way you can distract your patients from the dentures, and you can work in peace and get done faster. It’s a win for everyone, really.

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