The Best Movies To Show Kids At The Dentist

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You’ve got some kids on the schedule today, huh? And I don’t mean teenagers; I mean little grade-school types who are probably going to be a little tricky to keep still and happy through an entire cleaning or procedure. Well, if you have the Molar Media Mount, you can put on one of their favorite movies, and watch their jaw drop on its own—no “Open wide!” needed. But what should you put on the screen? You need some crowd pleasers that will work on a wide range of children, and keep them entertained while you get to work. We got you covered.

The Lion King

Timeless. The Lion King is one of those movies that even the adults enjoy watching. This is good and bad, as your small patient will be riveted, but you might actually need to wipe your eyes when Mufasa bites the dust. Spoiler? I mean if you haven’t seen it by now, you either don’t have kids, or had a sad, sad childhood.


Yeah, you’re probably pretty tired of that Let it Go song by now, but guess what—children love repetition. And even though this one is a few years old now, it’s still the all-time best-selling Blu-Ray Disc in the United States and the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Probably worth a shot, huh?

Toy Story 3

Many of the people who grew up watching the original are having kids of their own at this point, so you may be safer putting on the third installment of this series. Still, you could blow their minds with the original if they haven’t seen it yet. It’s like hearing a great new band and finding out they have 20 years of recorded work. Jackpot.

The Sandlot

Okay, so maybe I’m dating myself with this one, but this is another movie that never really goes out of style. Everyone knows who Babe Ruth is (The Sultan of Swat!) and this one has some great life lessons without being too preachy. Yeah, they probably won’t know what the heck an erector set is, but all your wannabe ball players will love this movie when you play it on the Mount.

Despicable Me

Kids love the minions. It’s a known fact. This movie could be about literally anything, and kids would still be watching it over and over for the minions. They’ve even got their own spinoff now, but personally, it seems like overkill. Steve Carell dealing with three adorable orphan girls is much better, and you might even sneak a peak during the procedure.

With the Molar Media Mount, your biggest problem is going to be waiting on your patient to decide what movie they want to watch. If your patient is a little kid, then throw on any of these movies and you’re almost guaranteed a calm, cooperative, and completely distracted patient. So contact us today if you’d like to hear more about how the Molar Media Mount can help your dental office.

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