Types of Masks for Dentists, Ranked

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It’s boom time for masks right now. 

Unless they’re working from home, practically everyone is rocking some type of mask for most, if not all, of their work shift. Dentists, of course, are one of the few professions dealing exclusively with the mouth, aka the place from which virus particles spew. 

It’s not ideal, to say the least. Thankfully, there are plenty of measures that can be taken to decrease the risk of infection while at the office, perhaps none more effective than the aforementioned mask. 

We like to keep things light around here, so we decided to create a handy ranking of the best masks for your dental practice. Note: this list is based on personal experience and observation—your mileage may vary. 

Anyway, let’s get to it.


  1. Hockey Mask

Pros: Good for protecting you from flying teeth. Can also double as your Halloween costume when October rolls around. Usually fits over an N95.

Cons: Not all patients consider Jason Voorhees, DDS to be their ideal dental provider. 


  1. Ski Mask

Pros: Unbeatable warmth, especially when your partner has “accidentally” set the thermostat five degrees lower than it should be… again. 

Cons: Many patients report finding the mask “intimidating” and tend to write unflattering Yelp reviews. Does not pair well with an N95. Also, you can’t wear it to run errands on your lunch break. The people at the bank are especially touchy, for some reason.


  1. Bandana

Pros: Exudes a distinctive devil-may-care attitude. Can be worn over N95 or any other mask. 

Cons: Falls down every two minutes. Loses a lot of utility once you start leaning over patients and they have a clear line of sight to your mouth. 


  1. Surgical Mask

Pros: Pairs well with scrubs. Can fit over an N95. High level of comfort second only to ski mask. 

Cons: Not washable. Limited colors. Has quickly replaced “empty tall-boy beer can” as the world’s most littered object. 


  1. N95

Pros: Classic design with clean lines and best-in-class protection from viruses. 

Cons: Haven’t had an acne breakout in 10 years? Wear one of these bad boys every day for eight hours and you’ll be back in business in no time!


In all seriousness, while you may be able to guard what’s coming out of your mouth, your patients, obviously, have to have their mouth open wide. And despite our (hilarious!) blogging tendencies, at Molar Media Mount, we take the dangers dentists face right now seriously. That’s why we created the mountable HoverShield, a clear acrylic barrier that adds a second line of defense to your already-strong mask game. 

If you already own the Molar Media Mount, you can just buy the HoverShield attachment! If you are a new customer, you can purchase the Molar Media Mount/HoverShield combo, which can be configured to hold either the HoverShield OR an iPad, to keep your patients distracted… er, entertained while you work. It’s a win-win. 

Pick one up today, and most importantly, stay safe out there, everyone. 

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