Molar Media Mount w/ HoverShield Attachment




Splatter protection? CHECK! Patient entertainment? CHECK! The Molar Media Mount - with the new HoverShield attachment - mounts to your light to hold a protective shield between you and your patient! Remove the HoverShield, and it holds an iPad to entertain your patients while you work!

Tired of wearing all that stuff on your head?

Still need that protection of a face shield?

How about you just HOVER one right between you and your patient's face instead?

Introducing the HoverShield by Molar Media Mount!

This clear acrylic shield mounts to your existing dental light (via the included Molar Media Mount) to protect the patient, your staff, and you from the splatter that we create all day long in the dental chair.

Easily cleaned with Cavicide wipes between patients then use a non-scratching microfiber cloth to get rid of any streaks.

This HoverShield / Molar Media Mount combo pack includes:

  • 1 Molar Media Mount arm
  • 1 HoverShield measuring 12" x 12"
  • 1 Adhesive Mounted Socket Joint

Get one for every operatory! 

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