4 Types of Dental Offices and What They Say About You

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A dentist’s office is their castle—safely guarded by receptionists, dental assistants, and a labyrinth of hallways and rooms.

And each of these offices is unique, reflecting something of the personality and thought process of the dentist inside. After all, you chose this location, so something about it appealed to you. Today, we’re going to hop into our armchair, pop open our Intro to Psych book from freshman year and find out what the different types of dental offices say about the person who chose them.

Let’s get started.


1. Business Park Complex

You live in the suburbs, drive a Toyota to work, and are rarely late. Your practice runs like a well-oiled machine and your patients have been with you for decades. You are the epitome of a professional, preferring to reside next to other similarly upright professionals in your office park. Come for the dentistry, stay for the accountant’s office on the second floor. 


2. Strip Mall

Your practice is positioned between a Gold’s Gym and a Panera Bread. The price per square foot is excellent and you’ve managed to wrangle a gym membership discount for all your employees—plus bagels every Friday. It may not be the fanciest location, but you let the haters hate while you steadily rack up free coffees on your rewards card.


3. High Rise

You got into this dentistry thing for the lifestyle, and baby, you’ve made it. Your patients enjoy stunning views of the city, though they frequently take the elevator to the wrong floor or turn up in the law practice next door. The cost of parking downtown for you and your team would pay your child’s college tuition, but you wouldn’t change a thing. Some things are just worth it.


4. Repurposed 1800’s Victorian

Look, we know options are limited in the historic district of town. An updated office building would ruin the whole “gaslight district,” old-timey aesthetic the city council is going for. The location is perfect, the 70-year-old wiring is not. You tell customers to bundle up in the winter because heating this drafty old building costs an arm and a leg. However, you live on the second floor and there is something to be said for rolling out of bed and performing a root canal five minutes later.

All dental offices have a little something that makes them unique. But what doesn’t change from practice to practice is the equipment you use. Regardless of what your office looks like, a Molar Media Mount will always be able to attach to your dental light. Patients are patients everywhere, and they all like to be entertained. Attach your Molar Media Mount, pop in an iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, or similar sized tablet, and you’re ready to go—whether you’re posted up in a high rise or rocking the strip mall office. 

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