Timmy The Tooth—Where Is He Now?

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Ah, Timmy the Tooth. If you don’t remember, he used to hang out in Flossmore Valley with his pals BrushBrush, Bubbles Gum, Ms. Flossie and the rest of the gang. Those were good times. Thwarting the Cavity Goon and the Gingivitis Gang, learning proper brushing technique, and just generally carousing around. But what happened to Timmy after the series ended? It was a great time, but it couldn’t go on forever. We decided to hunt Timmy down and find out what he’s up to these days.

It’s been years since Timmy sat down for an interview, and tracking him down was harder than we first imagined. We heard a number of rumors from old associates—that he was tending bar in a dive in Argentina, running a jet ski rental on the coast of Malabar, or even that he’d been seen on a dude ranch in upper Montana. He was a ghost.

We managed to track him down by pure luck. Following a tip from Bubbles Gum, we managed to find an old landlord that had his forwarding address. Turned out he was living on the coast in Florida, just north of Tampa.

We sat down with Timmy for an exclusive interview.

The question everyone wants to hear answered—why did you quit the show?

“Back in those days the business was so cutthroat. I was doing everything I could to appear younger and cleaner. Whitening strips, mouthwash baths, illegal fluoride treatments—you name it, I was on it. It wasn’t a healthy lifestyle. You can’t keep running on fumes like that forever.”

So it had nothing to do with the alleged feud between you and BrushBrush?

“Look, I’m not going to say our relationship was great near the end. People grow apart. Things happen. I wasn’t in the best state during most of my time on set, and not to point fingers, but BrushBrush was supplying me with most of my whitening strips. It wasn’t a healthy relationship to be in.”

Alright, well, what have you been doing for the past twenty years?

“I got out of acting for awhile. Bounced around and found some work as a mascot for a few dental offices in LA. Finally I took what was left of my money and opened that jet ski rental in Malabar.”

That was real?

“Oh yeah, I had a real Jason Bourne thing going for a few years. Cleared my head, cleaned myself up, and just lived simply on the beach. I decided to try acting again after about seven years in Malabar, but the industry had moved on. Realism was in. Nobody needed a giant tooth in their movie. I got a couple bit parts and that was it.”

Would you be willing to do a reunion show?

“I don’t know, man. That was all so long ago. I haven’t even talked to those guys in years. Is the Cavity Goon even still alive? Look, I’m done here. I need you to leave.”

What is Timmy the Tooth? A washed up actor, fighting against time? A young talent led astray by the bright lights of LA? A giant tooth? Or maybe he’s a little of all those things.

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