A Day In The Life Of A Dental Hygienist

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7:00- [Wakes up] Oh man, tell me I have some clean scrubs. Please, please, please… do they have to match? Probably. Ugh, thank God I did laundry on Tuesday.

7:50- Aaand, pulling into the parking lot early. Boom. I swear if those twins miss their appointments again today… Their mom told me they’ve used fake dentist appointments to skip class twice already this year, but God forbid they show up to the real ones.

9:00- “Open wide!” Oh my gosh. There is no way this woman brushed her teeth today. Or, like, this month. There’s only so much I can do here, but this is definitely pushing back every appointment for the rest of the day. Crossing my fingers on those twins canceling now.

10:00- Okay, I know for a fact I didn’t just poke this guy’s gums. You’re a grown man. This flinching stuff needs to stop.

11:00- Twins are MIA.

11:20- Glad you guys could make it. And only twenty minutes late, I see. They better not be playing that name-switch game on me. Whatever. If it makes them happy then I’ll call them whatever name they want.

12:30- Luuuuunch. [Stares at packed lunch. Mentally judges line at Chipotle. Opens lunch.]

2:00- Wow, that may have been the sweetest little kid I’ve had in here in months. Didn’t even have to ask him to open wide. We need to send a thank you note to his parents. Although I’m pretty sure the video he was watching on our Molar Media Mount helped...

3:00- I know for a fact this woman only flossed for her appointment today. Why do they think we can’t tell? Honestly I’m just happy I don’t have to do it. I guess twice a year is better than nothing.

4:00- So. Tired. Please stop telling me about your vacation in Cabo. Not only is it making me jealous, but this cleaning is taking twice as long as it should…  Time to put that Molar Media Mount to good use again!  

5:00- Wait, am I getting out of here on time? Stop. This is not real life.

6:00- I am one with the Netflix.

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