Movies To Avoid Showing During Dental Procedures

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At Molar Media Mount, we encourage our clients to show movies to their patients during lengthy procedures. Nothing keeps a patient from slipping into boredom like that new Adam Sandler movie. Just make sure you up the dose of laughing gas! Haha, I kid. But seriously it might not be a bad idea. In any case, there are certain movies that you may want to avoid showing your patients as they relax with their mouths propped open for an hour or two.


The Hangover

Not only does this movie show a huge lack of respect toward dentists, it also wildly oversimplifies the process of pulling a tooth. Pliers? Really? I suppose Ed Helms was under anesthetic of a sort, but we can’t just have everyone going around thinking they can pull their own teeth. That would destroy our business model. Do not show this movie.


Little Shop of Horrors

Let’s be honest, Steve Martin’s evil dentist character is the best part of this movie. Hilarious as a practical joke during a procedure? Absolutely. Will your patient appreciate the humor as much as you do? Unlikely. Leave this one off the screen.


Rat Race

Wow, have you seen the chompers on John Cleese in that movie? Beautiful. Seriously, though, those were totally fake teeth. You don’t want your patients thinking you can get them teeth like that. Once they see that smile, they won’t be happy with their own, no matter what you do. It’s psychology. I think. I’m not that kind of doctor.


Finding Nemo

We like to think that our dentists are pretty in control of their office, right? Like, no pelicans flying in and contaminating the area, dropping feathers in our mouths—stuff like that. That’s why you should avoid Finding Nemo. The dentist is a nice, but bumbling, guy who gets outmaneuvered by the fish in his aquarium. Think about that for a minute. He does not project the intelligent, competent image I would hope you’re trying for. As adorable as this movie is, strike it from your list.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Honestly, it’s beginning to look like there are no good dentists to be found in film. I’m not saying it’s an inherently weird profession, but it seems like we’re running into a theme here. Of course Willy Wonka’s dad was a dentist, scarring him for life and setting him on a path to become a candy maker. Way to not let him get in your head, Willy. But man, Christopher Lee is just good in every movie, you know?


So there you have it. Once you get your Molar Media Mount up and running, you’ll need to trim your playlists of basically any movie with a dentist in it. In fact, while I don’t condone it, you may just want to take your chances with Adam Sandler and some laughing gas. Contact us today to hear more about Molar Media Mount.

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