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It’s an immutable law of the internet that like-minded people will come together on forums or blogs or websites. It’s basically like real life, only no one has to be responsible for what they say online. For dentists, this is actually a boon, mostly because dentists are highly educated professionals who rarely use the phrase, “I know you are but what am I.” Except for that one little kid who really gets under your skin during his teeth cleaning.


Anyway, at Molar Media Mount, we’re all about making dentists’ lives a little easier. There are some great blogs and forums out there for dentists to use, so we thought we’d share them with you.


New Dentist Blog

Becoming dentist is hard enough, but once you’ve finally graduated it’s not all downhill from there. New dentists face a variety of problems—from work-life balance to hiring or dealing with payment. The New Dentist Blog is specifically made for dental students and new dentists, meaning anyone who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago. This blog is part of the American Dental Association, and was created to be the voice of new dentists. Chances are there’s some support for anything you might be struggling with.



Dentaltown is a forum for dentists that allows you to post your own work, ask questions, poll other dentists for the answers, and generally interact and mingle with dentists from all over the country. Once you sign up you’re ready to ask for and give guidance, depending on what you have to offer. Forums can be a nice break from blogs because they give you a chance to put in your own two cents and get some responses back.



This site is an incredibly comprehensive resource for all dental professionals. It has advice and blogs for not only dentists, but dental assistants and hygienists. It also features blog posts and reviews on new dental products, as well as advice about practice management. You can be sure that almost anything you’re looking for is going to be covered somewhere on the site.


The Dental Geek

It looks a little different from most of the dentistry websites you’ll find, and that’s a good thing. The Dental Geek describes itself as, “A place for passionate members of the dental industry to embrace their inner geek-hood and connect in an environment where they can engage with likeminded people and unite over one common theme, their love for dentistry.” Articles are written by the official team for the most part, but guest posts are also considered if you have some expertise you’d like to share.


At Molar Media Mount, we’re always trying to make life a little easier for dentists and their teams. So check out our blog, and give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about how the Molar Media Mount can help your practice bring in new patients.


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