Molar Media Mount

The world's first and only media holder for your patients that hooks directly to your dental light. Putting their entertainment where they can see it no matter what position they are in. Attaches to your iPad Mini, iPad Air, Kindle Fire HD, or other media device of similar size/weight.

Customer Reviews

Scott Goldstein

First let me start off with "YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!" I have been using the MMM for about 2 weeks now. The parents are amazed and the kids are ecstatic.

I am a pediatric dentist. I could see how this is great for adult patients, but it is AWESOME for pedo patients. I cannot thank you enough for your help in making patient care easier not only for the patient, but for the doctor as well. I look forward to hearing a bunch of daily chuckles when the kids watch the videos.

Your mounting system is phenomenal.

best feature!

couldn't imagine practicing without this! total game changer and super easy addition to an operatory!