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After trying a variety of different options in his office for patient education and entertainment, Dr. Casey Culberson decided to create the Molar Media Mount – the first and only arm that mounts directly to a dental light.

The Molar Media Mount is made of lightweight, high-strength materials, and is specifically constructed to work with an iPad© mini or similar-sized devices*. Its ball-and-socket assembly, designed by Dr. Culberson, allows for easy attachment and removal of the device for patient education and entertainment choices.

The Molar Media Mount takes away the need for bulky and expensive television mounts, and adds a sleek, modernized look to any dental office.



*The Molar Media Mount is designed for the iPad© mini, iPad© Air or similar sized devices, sold separately.


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"We are routinely "WOW-ing" our patients with the iPad Mini on the Molar Media Mount! Videos play well over Wi-fi, and our pediatric patients especially love being able to choose their own show to watch. Even our elderly patients who are not technologically-inclined are impressed. I play Fotopedia app slideshows and tell them it's like the posters on the ceiling they're used to, but better because they change every 10 seconds. They are captivated! And just today, after I talked about our MMM setup, a patient expressed how surprised they were to find such a high-tech office in such a small, rural town! My advice: get enough mounts for all your chairs and a couple iPad Minis to start with. The system makes it super-easy to move the iPad from chair to chair and to remove it for patient education. Dr. Culberson's recommended accessories work great, by the way. Thanks SO MUCH for creating something I've wanted for so long!" Brian Jacobsen, DMD Ephrata, WA